Briolette Earrings

A very simple design by Abby Hook (Wire Jewelry Masterclass) that I then modified when I needed to make a second pair  of the blue and couldn’t find my glass briolettes. The original ones have a glass briolette, an acrylic bead and then my special homemade earwires. The “modification” became the earrings for the Dagger Set and are also on my special homemade earwires.

Click pictures for enlarged images with detail.

Briolette Earrings

The original briolette earrings. Design by Abby Hook (Wire Jewelry Masterclass). Interpretation by Marji Piech.

Blue Briolette Earring Detail
Blue Briolette Earring detail.

Dagger Briolette Earrings
Dagger Briolette earrings. One pair has blue beads, the other purple. Each bead color is matched at the top of the dagger beads on that earring.

Dagger Briolette Earring Detail
Dagger Briolette Earring detail shows the detail in the wire wrap as well as that the tops of the daggers match the bead colors.

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