Crystal Cross Earrings

Brown Crystal Earrings

Brown crystal earrings made with 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones, size 11 seed beads and 20 gauge ParaWire.

The pattern for these earrings appeared in my email inbox on the 22nd of October. The parent site is “Handmade Jewelry Club” and the earring pattern is currently here. I almost had the first pair done that day and by the end of the 23rd had two pair done, the brown pair shown above and a clear pair:

Clear Crystal Earrings

Clear crystal earrings made with 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones, size 11 Dynamites seed beads and 20 gauge ParaWire.

Very unlike me I really didn’t make any changes from the pattern. I did figure out that the seed beads used are 11′s, made my own findings, added a couple of jump rings between the earrings and the findings for movement, and used a couple of drops of nail polish to secure my knots. Otherwise my earrings are “their” earrings.

I have plans for about 5 more pair in a variety of colors of crystals. I’ve been using Fine C-Thru braided nylon thread and think I’ll keep up with that. While it might be nicer if I had a darker color for the darker beads it does work and so why mess with it. I do start with 15″ of thread (rather than 12) as I must repeatedly cut away the frayed ends in order to thread and re-thread the beads.

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