Jetson’s Jet Set

While pulling beads for the Spiral Chain Drop Earrings I came across some Gutterman fake pearls in flat rounds (think pancakes drilled through the center), teardrops and flat ovals drilled parallel to the flat edges. They didn’t work at all for the spiral earrings but once I started to play with the flat rounds first combining them with decorative headpin and then with 3.0mm gold fill beads I knew I had something. I made a simple loop on the top and used an inexpensive commercial hoop finding:

Jetson's Jet Set Hoops

“Jetson’s Jet Set ” hoops made with decorative gold fill headpins, Gutterman pearls, 3.0mm gold fill beads and inexpensive commercial findings.

(Remember to click on the picture for a full-qize image)

Then I thought I’d like something in the same pattern but longer. This time I started with a regular headpin and a gold bead. The pattern of the flat rounds interspersed with the 3.omm gold fill beads instantly reminded me of the Jetson’s. When I looked on the Web I understood why:

Jetson's Apartment Building

The Jetson’s apartment building which, to me, resembles a stack of pancakes.

I quickly made a set with the pearls and gold fill beads and then wondered what they would look like with 3.0mm Swarovski bicones instead of the gold fill beads. Another pair appeared. I started wondering about color combinations but had to stop myself somewhere!

Next I had to figure out how to hang the rather stiff, rather long drops. I could have put a jump ring on and made a simple baby hook but I decided to put three jump rings on and have jackets instead. By doing this the earrings can be combined with any type of stud—say a diamond stud for the crystal version and a gold stud for the gold version—and I didn’t have to worry making a finding that showed off the earring without overpowering it. Here’s the finished product (I don’t have a picture of them hanging from posts yet):

Jetson's Jet Set Earring Jackets

“Jetson’s Jet Set ” earring jackets with Gutterman pearls, 3.0mm gold fill rounds, and 20gauge, 2.5mm inner diameter jump rings.

Next up is a necklace to finish off the set. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be more of a stringing project rather than a wirework project. In some manner I’ll combine the 13 flat rounds I have with a bunch of the flat ovals and 3.0mm gold fill beads. (I might also add in some of the small teardrops.) I’ll string the beads on Illusion cord and, if I think the pattern is too heavy (or just “wrong”) to go all the way around the neck I’ll join the ends of the beaded piece to 1 to 3 strands of 3.0mm gold filled curb chain. I’m starting to think there might be room for some wirework either dangling from the beaded portion or if I make my own “chain.” Hmmm. The components and the beginning of the stringing pattern are on the worktable and so we’ll see what comes out—for me making jewelry is always an adventure.

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